Karakaya Attorneys at Law provides clients with quality service for in the field of criminal and criminal procedure law which are a department of law can be defined that natural and legal persons need to be defended mostly. Our firm adopts persistent legal struggle as a principle in order to accommodate respect of human rights and principles of the state of law to all areas of life. Our firm always aims to sort our clients’ legal problems out expeditiously and reliably due process of law in accordance with the principle.

Karakaya Attorneys at Law makes a point of the principle which is providing high quality of consultancy and attorney service and the aim of defending rights of our clients in accordance with international standards. Therefore, our law firm teams up with attorneys who are expert and experienced in their field and gives great importance to vocational training.

Furthermore, our firm works together with academicians who are professionalist with the purpose of working towards solutions which are designed inventively for our clients’ current special cases. In addition to this, our firm works readily in cooperation with law firms at home and abroad with the purpose of defending our clients’ rights.

Because of shown prudence and selectivity for the people who works with firm, Karakaya at Attorneys at Law became a specialist law firm especially for the field of criminal law when there is a necessary to find creative legal solutions in a short time since its foundation. Therefore, our firm does not provide consultancy and attorney service only for natural and legal person, also for other law firms.